Cold Feet (Series 2) Episodes 3-4.

Thank you for reading this blog, recently renamed ‘Movie and Television Blog’. I am up to episode 3 of series 2.


At this point in the series, we are introduced to Hugh Dancy’s character. The actor has since gone from strength to strength but he also did some early roles, such as this one. He was cast as the young irresponsible colleague of Rachel’s, a man called Danny who dates her for a period of time, even talking about samurai films to impress Rachel.

We also see Rachel as a career woman with a career in advertising who doesn’t need a man, but wants a man. Throughout the series, we also see the characters lean on her emotionally and confide in her. Rachel is horrified when she learns that Danny went out on a date because of a bet that he won, she is horrified but Danny manages to charm her.

The audience also see David having to arrange a surprise for his and Karen’s wedding anniversary. When he tells his high-powered American boss, she rebuffs his comment that a wedding anniversary only happens once a year with her own blase remark of ‘not when you’ve been married four times,’ However, in the end, Karen and David up in Paris together.

The episode also encounters Pete Gifford’s experience with the Lonely hearts column and Adam helps him in his search for the one true love, and his own search, including his receiving of a reply from ‘a bloke called Nigel,’ However, Rachel laughs at Adam when she learns what he and Pete have been doing in their efforts to find love.

The next episode, episode 4, is one of the best in the series because it shows the hypocrisy of the life that Karen and David live. David throws a dinner party for their friends and during this scene we see Karen’s bitter alter-ego walk around the table as the guests talk about their wealthy lives. Karen’s alter-ego unleashes spiel onto all the guests, but it’s almost as if it stopped time and she is the only one who can see the other side of herself. Her alter-ego says things such as ‘He earns 6 figures and begrudges his nanny a minimum wage,’ and ‘you don’t stand out at all. You fit right in,’

Karen angers David when she smokes a spliff during the dinner party. However, she was only doing it to be noticed and to do something different from all the other people who she was sat around with who talked about their posh cars and foreign holidays. Karen’s further attempts to break away culminate in her getting the tattoo of a gecko on the small of her back. She also proceeds to give away her designer dresses. Some of them she gives to Ramona, the Spanish nanny. This results in a mix-up where David gropes Ramona because he thinks she is Karen, due to the fact she is wearing one of Karen’s dresses.

In this episode, we also watch Adam’s school reunion when he meets ‘groups of people…who were wankers then and estate agents now,’ When meeting old school friends, Adam lies about his life to impress them because he hasn’t done anything remarkable with his life. He also sees a former love interest, who he pursued relentlessly to no avail. However, it transpires that she is now in a lesbian relationship, much to the surprise of Pete and Adam.

Rachel is also wooed by Adam’s English teacher, Mr Chatsfield, much to Adam’s jealousy and confusion because in his school days, Adam (as we all do) thought his teacher to be ancient and he is beleaguered now to find that his teacher is flirting with Rachel. However, Rachel dumps Mr Chatsfield after going out for a meal with him and finding out that he was DRESSED LIKE A TEACHER, even out of hours.

In this episode, it is also revealed that Pete and Jenny were childhood sweethearts. However, at the end of the episode there is the dynamic scene when Jenny discovers that Pete had been cheating on her, so she tracks Pete and Amy down and hands baby Adam over to Amy before walking away.


2 thoughts on “Cold Feet (Series 2) Episodes 3-4.

  1. In the school reunion episode there is a scene where pete stumbles in the men’s toilets while Adam and Jenny argue about Pete’s affair. Have you any idea what the piece of music is playing in the background during the scene where Pete is stumbling in the toilet? Even Shazam doesn’t pick it up!!!!

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