Cold Feet Series 2 Episode 5-6.


Episode 5 introduces the fantastic Steven Moyer as David Marsden’s irresponsible brother, Nick. He arrives at the house and tries to charm Rachel, nearly winning her over and opening up the possibility of another romance for Rachel.

The episode also deals with the fallback from Jenny and Pete’s breakup. Jenny is hard on Pete, and tells him that he can have five plastic bags to put his stuff in when she tells him to move out. However, Jenny is being rude to Pete because she feels hurt as is often the case with people, when they hide their misery by being rude to people around them. Jenny later confides in Rachel that she had always wanted to grow old with Pete (“I was looking forward to curvature of the spine,”)

David dislikes his brother for two reasons: 1.) He is irresponsible and 2.) Everyone likes him. When Nick laughs at David’s actions during his days at boarding school when he wrote to his parents about bullying occurring at the school. This episode also opens the sad storyline about Adam’s testicular cancer scare. He goes to the doctor and discovers that he has a malignant tumour. The role of the taxi-driver was played by Ricky Tomlinson, and Adam confides in him after finding out the dreaded news about the cancer.

David is filling the role of father-figure for his brother, Nick. Nick asks him to borrow money after his internet business went under, taking their father’s money with it. Nick is too proud to go back to his father and tell him what had happened to the money, so he goes behind his father’s back to David who he expects will lend him the money to pay their father back. We are also introduced to one of many flashbacks of David on his first day at boarding school when his father shook his hand and didn’t show any signs of physical intimacy. David penultimately decides not to lend the money to his brother. I only wish that they’d kept Nick on as a permanent character rather than just a one-episode character because they could have kept the brother storyline running for a little longer. However, I think it worked out well the way that it was written.

Adam is a go-between in the relationship between Jenny and Pete, until he shouts at them and says ‘You have no idea what real problems are,’ and he reveals to them about his cancer diagnosis. While in the hospital Adam has a dream about being running down the streets in his underpants while being chased by his testicle. However, when he wakes up he finds Rachel sitting by the bed. She tells him that she wants to be with Adam even if he is going to die on her or they can’t have children.

The final episode of the series deals with that long-ago phenomenon known as the millennium. All of the families are on the way to their trip to David’s childhood holiday getaway, a castle where he used to go with his family. En-route there, we see the different car journeys and in the case of the Marsden family, we see them pulling over to air out the car after their young son is sick.

While at the castle, there is a parody of the Walton’s, with the ‘goodnight…goodnight’ scene which was apparently prevalent in all episodes.

When Adam and Pete have to abandon a boat filled with fireworks, the run across the bay was almost reminiscent of a military film. When the two characters return, we see the different reactions to their not-so-triumphant return, such as Rachel being grateful because she thought that Adam was missing, and Jenny’s annoyance and exasperation. However, when the new millenium arrives, it signifies a new start for them all. The Walton’s goodnight.


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