Lightfields Episode 4

Tonight is the last episode, but I forgot to write this review for episode 4, so here goes! Vivien (in her unravelling mental state) denies ever having typed ‘COMING READY OR NOT’ on the typewriter. Claire suggests that it could be a ghost that typed it, but we are seeing that Vivian is rapidly losing her mind. The name ‘Pip’ is written rapidly over and over on the paper later on.

In the 1940s, Harry is ready to reveal to the family that Eve hated Lucy, even though Eve doesn’t want it to be revealed. And Barry and Paul are fighting with each other over Luke, which only fans the flames. Lucy is Luke’s guardian angel, and she watches over him when she stands in his room. Pip entreats Luke not to follow Lucy if she makes him follow her, because they fear that she could lead him to danger.

Paul is at the end of his tether. He has lost his business, his girlfriend and his license due to the drink-driving conviction.

Clare and Nick grow close and Clare opens up about her mother’s breakdown. However, Cindy (Nick’s ex-girlfriend) calls Clare a slag for being with him. Tom also gives Vivian photographs of Lucy, and he believes that the killer’s concience will make him want to admit to the murder.

In 1944, Pip sees Eve packing and blames himself for having the evil letter. Due to the death of their daughter, Albert and his wife are distanced. Vivian blocks everything out from that summer, but then it is revealed that Vivian was sectioned years later in a mental hospital for her depression. When two Americans buy Eve a drink, they reveal to her that Dwight was married and had children.

Pip and his father, Albert, feel that they have to stay strong for the sake of the family.

Clare will stop at nothing to catch the ghost, and she puts flour on the ground. She later sees ‘REMEMBER ME’ written in the flour.When she tells Nick, he tries to persuade her that ghosts don’t exist.

In 2012, Luke innocuously tells Pip that Paul was speeding but he never gets caught. I am surprised that they didn’t take the story further than they managed to do when all the episodes were tied up. Luke sees Lucy in his room, and her ghost is on fire. At this point in the series we don’t know her intentions but communicating in violent ways is possibly the only way of doing so.

When Dwight learns that his cover is blown, Eve thinks that Lucy threatened to tell Dwight’s wife about the affair, and this could possibly be a motive behind him being a possible killer; killing her out of fear of being found out.

In the 1970s, Tom doesn’t think that Vivian did it because she was too young and therefore couldn’t have known what she was doing.

Albert contemplates suicide because he threw Lucy out of the house prior to her death when he learned that she had slept with Dwight. When he is contemplating suicide, he apologizes to Lucy for doing what he did, and again he is seen (in my opinion) as a character with a motive, possibly doing it out of anger and fear that he is ‘losing her’ to the seduction of the lecherous married American. Some may also look at it as a undercurrent of incestuous obsession. When Eve discovers Albert, she talks him round and stops him from committing suicide.

In 2012, Paul is constantly drinking and turning up at the house. He is convinced that he will get Luke no matter what it takes. Luke draws a picture of Lucy on fire, in that innocuous innocence that children have of picking things up that adults never can, such as emotional signals.

Vivian, who is slowly losing her mind, shares a room with Clare and they are both frightened when there is the sound of banging on the window and it turns out to be Cindy, Clare’s enemy and Nick’s ex.

At the end of this episode, there is a final showdown between Lucy and Vivian, and this scene was particularly scary because Vivian kept turning the light on and off and yet Lucy wouldn’t disappear, saying only ‘Vivian?’

I hope you enjoyed reading this. Comments appreciated as I like to know what I am doing right/ wrong. Also I apologize for the somewhat jumbled fashion in which it is written. I am working from notes I made during the episodes.



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