During the Easter break, I went with my family to the cinema and we watched the Croods. It is the latest offering from Dreamworks, whose previous offerings included The Prince of Egypt, How to Train Your Dragon and the plethora of Shrek movies. (SPOILERS, BEWARE!)Now, if you are expecting a documentary on the evolution of the human then save your money and go and buy a box-set. This is not a documentary. And its not a attack on the Genesis story either. Enjoy it for the feel-good film that it is, in its own right.

Its the story of a cave family, The Croods, who live in a cave and are the only family around to have survived the struggle of existence. The father and head of the family, Grug, warns his family that curiosity and new things are dangerous and you should always be on your guard.

Through various adventures, we are introduced to ‘Guy’ the typical hero of the story. He leads the family to safety and also introduces a plethora of ‘modern’ inventions such as fire, popcorn, and shoes. The family soon abandon Grug and his old ideas, and are soon enraptured by Guy and his new ideas.

In the end, it is a lovely film that children (and adults) will love. However, also please do not look upon the film as propaganda against cults or prehistory. Because if you fo then you are clearly one of two things: 1. a Daily Mail reader, or 2. nuts. So just enjoy it as a lovely film which has beautiful backdrops (some of which reminded me of the jungle scenes in Tarzan.) The film must’ve been one of the only good films shown in 3D. Apparently at the cinema I went to, the 3D cinema bookings for the film were booked up, and that’s really saying something.

This film will make you laugh, it will even make you cry. All I must say in conclusion, don’t just make an assumption about a film because you will often be very pleasantly surprised and you may even want to go back to watch it again.



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