The Illusionist



The usual story formula used is hero meets heroine and has to battle in some way to save her. That is usually how its done, right? To be honest, when I heard about this film I wasn’t keen because the premise was shaky at best – or so I thought.

The basic story is that a chap called Eisenheim who is a magician who has to secure the love of Sophie, a duchess who is to marry the cruel Crown Prince Leopold. The usual story template of poor boy meets rich girl has been done to death, but unfortunately it is one of the most popular clichés used (along with ‘fall in love after picking pencil up off the floor.’)

I digress. Sophie and Eisenheim had met when they were younger ( played by Aaron Johnson and Eleanor Tomlinson) and fallen in love but separated when her family found out. Years later, Eisenheim (played by the fantastic Ed Norton) sees her again and she is unhappy, but she is glad that Eisenheim has ‘broken free’ – because she is essentially a bird in a golden cage.

I loved the film over all in the end, but I think that if another actor had taken the role of Eisenheim it wouldn’t be as good. The music was fantastic, and the ending was sweet. Apparently the montage used at the end was a nod to Eisenstein, the famous director who was master of montage.

Eistenstein Battleship Pomptekin

A still from Eisenstein’s film ‘Battleship Potemkin’

I can imagine that the only downside to the film would be that there were only a few major scenes between Sophie and Eisenheim. 


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