North and South


I watched the whole 4-part drama yesterday and I fell in love with it. (MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS.)

To be honest, I wasn’t keen on the book. But I adored the series, and I can’t find any fault with it, but the funny thing is that because this series is almost 10 years old I am seeing all the actors in roles that they have done since(e.g.: Downton Abbey, Eastenders etc.)

Despite my dislike of the book, I think that it is a good source material and I just love John Thorton’s character. Richard Armitage to my knowledge has never done any ‘poor’ acting in any of his roles but maybe his female fans just fall in love with his baritone voice?

Putting Daniela Denby-Ashe in the role of Margaret Hale, well I was unsure of it at first because I’ve always remembered her from her role as brassy Janey from My Family. However, she carried off the role of Margaret well; fleshing out the book character more and more.

The ending of the series is much better than the book ending, but the book has its good points too. It was a pretty faithful adaptation. I only wish I’d discovered it earlier than I did…


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