The Legend of The Scarecrow. (CONTAINS SPOILERS.)

This isn’t a film. It’s a Spanish 7-minute long short about a scarecrow.

A scarecrow longs to make friends with the birds and he tries, and fails. He ultimately perishes in his efforts to make friends or talk to the humans who think that a talking scarecrow is the work of Satan. It has similarity to the story of Frankenstein.

Very tragic story. Nothing much else to say, really. The animation is good. It fits in with the story, even though the humans look like half-dead zombies. That’s probably my only complaint. The voiceover compliments the whole piece.

Maybe it works because it appeals to people’s own feeling of loneliness and even if it is a Spanish cartoon, some of the animation speaks louder than words and for that you really don’t need subtitles.




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