Shameless Last Episode.


So, here is my summary and review of the last episode of Shameless (SPOILERS.)

Don’t take my opinions completely to heart. After all, I only watched the first 2 series and the Xmas special before getting bored with it. But what’s the harm in watching the final, dramatic send off?

Frank is in prison for benefit fraud, and he waits for his jail term to end before he is released. He sees his wife, Monica, again but berates her for not visiting him for ages. He wants a lavish ‘welcome home’ party when in reality he has to pay off a bar tab, much to his angst.

And of course, there has to be a birth thrown in. Now, I don’t mind those sorts of storylines. They can sometimes be sweet. But I think that it just seems like lazy writing. Monica has a baby boy (according to the Shameless Wiki, he is named Ben.) but she feels guilty and suffers from post-natal depression.

Yvonne Karib, the shopkeeper, refuses to serve Frank but relents on the condition that he can name all of his children without hesitation.

Fiona returns (she originally left in series 2.) having fled to Amsterdam (?) with Steve who had fled for his own safety after being involved in a drugs bust. (Anyway, I digress.) Fiona is resentful that Frank hasn’t asked about her young son. Fiona is also angry at her mother.

Monica is milking her grief over the death of Ben’s twin brother. Frank is questioned by Fiona over the health of the new baby, and at last Fiona resolves to take the baby and the youngest daughter, Stella, because they are better off with her than with Frank. She asks Kev for help. He later ‘loses’ the children.

Frank taunts Monica’s efforts over the funeral, and leaves. He reflects on genius, and rants drunkenly in such a way that defined Shameless. Stella, his youngest daughter, finds him because she followed him but he tells her that she was a mistake. As everyone looks for Stella, it had me wondering whether Stella would end up filling the role that had been left vacant by Fiona, and later, Deborah (i.e.: the role of mother and confidante and support network for Frank and the children.) When Frank finds her, he begs for forgiveness but parents at a local park show concern for Stella because they think that Frank is a paedo who is trying to get her attention.

In the end, everyone is reconciled and the whole episode culminates in an exploded car and a party before the police arrive.

Hmmm. As I said, I had stopped watching the series after series 2 because of lack of time and interest so I can’t really give a completely unbiased viewpoint of the series in general. However, the arrival of yet another baby was just lazy writing. One thing I can say, though, about the ending it shows that there is no need for any more episodes because it shows that life carries on as normal.

Maybe bringing back the characters a few episodes before would’ve made more sense. (NOTE (13/07/2013): Not really, in hinesight. People in the show have moved on to bigger and better things and the show was often used as a springboard.)

Thank you for reading this review. What did you think of the episode (if you watched it.)


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