Well, I went to the cinema with my siblings and we went to go and watch EPIC, a film boasting the voice talents of actors such as Colin Farrell, Amanda Seyfried,  Beyoncé and Pitbull  (CONTAINS SPOILERS.)

I have to be honest, when I first heard about this film I had very low expectations about it. And, from what I’ve seen on various websites, other people had low expectations too. Now, to stop myself giving away any major spoilers, I’m going to divide my opinion of the film into three categories.


  • Interesting voice talents from actors. People seem a bit negative about Beyonce’s role but I disagree. It was the whole point of the story to remove her in the first 20 minutes, because otherwise, what would be the point of the story?
  • The ending. It was a good ending, and really sweet. Probably one of the first films where the hero and heroine didn’t ride off into the sunset.
  • Its great for everyone 8+. My siblings watched it and fell in love with it. They were chattering about it all the way home.
  • The romance (SPOILER) between Tara and Ronin was really adorable.
  • (SPOILER) The flower child becomes Queen in the end.
  • I loved Pitbull’s role (he played a slug) because I half expected him to start doing his thing. He did not. But I still expected it.


  • I came into the film with low expectations. Probably because of all the discussion threads I’d seen. Go into the film with an open mind.


  • The price. No. I’m just joking. (Or am I…..?)

Thanks for reading this review. What did you think of the film (if you have seen it already?)



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