The Chronicles of Downton Abbey – A New Era.


This is completely against my usual stuff here but here goes anyway…

It’s basically just a book produced around the drama series, with sections on each character, as well as drawing influence from other wealthy households of the time, giving the drama series a basis. In each section it even says how the outfits of each character were made from a creative perspective, and they are certainly interesting pieces from a design point of view.

I think they wrote this for people who were die-hard Downton fans (indispersed with quotes in lovingly flowing script.) and Julian Fellowes is giving us the chance to have a look into a world that HE has created. (I think I’m being sarcastic but I’m not sure.)

If you are looking for spoilers in the book, then this was written disregarding them for fear of upsetting people who hadn’t seen the series yet, so they don’t hurt anyone’s feelings.

So, it’s a good book. A good coffee table book that you can flick through if the mood takes you. Its got some nice pictures and interviews with the cast. I hope that the next series will be good without having to drag out the story for ever and ever like an unending Eastenders episode.


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