Make Way for Tomorrow.


Its the story of a couple: Lucy and Barkley, who have to move out of their house because Barkley loses his job. They ask for help from their four children concerning a place to live, and as a result endure the indifference of their children who are unable or unwilling to give their parents a place to stay. Meanwhile, the elderly couple walk down memory lane and relive their honeymoon memories before they have to part ways – for good?

For one thing, it makes me realize how pig-headed children can be in relation to having elderly parents live with them. Fortunately, the children in the story realize the error of their ways in the end but it still makes me think. There were some funny moments, and there were also sad moments too. In today’s world we often forget about the elderly, or our parents. Perhaps we should extend such kindnesses of being there for them because they were there for us.


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