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The White Queen (Episode 1)

I was not a big fan of this series from the outset because alot of the media was very negative, until I realized that that is the idea. Its counter-productive publicity. But my sister is a big fan of the series, and I mainly started watching it again so I would know what she was going on about.

At the point I am at (Episode 1 – I am slow!) they have just got married and everything is happy. They bump uglies in a room with some twigs in it, and there is some soppy music that plays. Everyone talks huskily for emotion purposes, and there’s lots of askance sexual innuendo around the dinner table. Like you do.

Edward announces shortly after his wedding day that he is going off to war. He makes plans if he should die, as casually as people may make a shopping list. If you shop at Waitrose, then that equates to the same thing.

Elizabeth’s brother (Anthony?) is clearly pissed off that Elizabeth and Edward married. He declares that she was tricked by Edward. Anthony reveals that Edward has a son, and Elizabeth is crushed. If she had a box of cereal with a free prize, there was no free prize for her. (No cereal boxes were harmed in the making of this episode. It was just an allegorical story.)
Anthony reveals that the marriage was just a trick to get Elizabeth into bed (Edward’s bed, not Anthony’s bed.)

Elizabeth has a bad dream that Edward is killed. Another scene starts with the dramatic declaration of ‘A Messanger!’. That sort of dramatic declaration could never happen now, with phones and laptops. Unless you shouted ‘I’VE GOT A TEXT!’ everytime you got a text…

Edward is practically king following a battle. Anthony and Elizabeth glare evilly at each other.


Edward and Elizabeth are romantically reunited. Obviously a M&S readymeal for two doesn’t cut it in certain situations. And then a woman called Bonna (or was it Boner?) who is supposed to be a French princess, struts into court but it seems that Edward announces that he has married Elizabeth.
Everyone looks suitably dumbstruck. They must’ve got top marks at the ‘Look Dumbstruck’ lessons at drama school.

It also seems that Elizabeth has some sort of ‘sight’ which means that she can foresee danger or something. Anyway, people are seemingly happy for Elizabeth’s rise in status, and everyone begins pandering to Elizabeth. People then start plotting under their breath despite their outward congratulations.
Elizabeth also receives negative feelings from his mother-in-law, and Elizabeth’s mother manipulates Edward’s mother Cecily to accept Elizabeth.

The ending to the episode was good, with Elizabeth ‘seeing’ something that unsettled her greatly.