Fun in Acapulco


This film always pops up on the movie channels and TCM. Its one of those guilty pleasure films – the set is wonky and the accents are likely to offend from a 21st century perspective when everyone is suing everyone for hurt feelings or misrepresentation.

There’s a love triangle in the story between Elvis’s character, Mike, and two women, Dolores and Margarita. There is also Raoul, a little boy who adds comedic moments to the movie, such as when Raoul tries to order beer.
It’s the atypical Elvis movie where he gets the girl, and there are plenty of songs – ‘Bossa Nova Baby’ being my favourite; probably because of the dance number. I haven’t seen any of Elvis’s earlier films so I can’t comment, although everyone knows films such as Jailhouse Rock more by reputation, even if they haven’t actually seen it.

On its own, the story really has no substance but these sorts of films do best with little substance apart from an attractive lead and some pretty blond women on his arm. Elvis was definitely a good-looking chap in his day, and I can see why all the girls back in the day – and before he died, loved him and worshipped his dance style and singing.

Also, Ursula Andress who plays Margarita, went on to be the Bond Girl in the James Bond film, Dr No.



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