Big School.



This isn’t an advisory guide on how to get on with life when you get past 3 and decide that eating glue is not a worthwhile occupation. I watched this out of curiosity. Eastenders is dull, and the other options available on BBCI player are tired and lackluster.

When I clocked what this new comedy drama, Big School, was about, I thought that perhaps they were trying to make another Waterloo Road. I am not a Waterloo Road fan, and there is only so much simmering intrigue that you can have in one school.
Having Catherine Tate and David Walliams on the same programme is like making coffee with cold water and pouring it on your face.
But there is always some myopic fascination with what stuff they can churn out of these school dramas. And with the diverse way that schools are now, with their rich range of diversity, then there will always be a well, or maybe a garden hose, of humour for them to draw on.

However, having Catherine Tate and Walliams on the programme also made it seem like one extended sketch…

From the point of view of the first episode, there were plenty of funny moments but I really wonder whether they will be able to keep up the fire for a whole season?


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