Tom and Jerry: The Fast and The Furry.


This is not the sort of film that I usually review!

I watched this film during the time when I was babysitting a child while his brother and parents had gone to a school concert.

This film was done in 2005, so its not part of the classic era of Tom and Jerry which were funny despite their racial stereotypes and gratuitous violence!

The basic story is of Tom and Jerry having to take part in a car race in return for the grand prize of a luxury mansion. They have to take part in the car race along with other people – a grandmother and her yappy dog; a ‘Soccer Mom’ with a station wagon; a celebrity etc…

The race takes place all over the world and back to Hollywood. My young charge and I had fun identifying all the countries that the car race covered. And of course you have the stereotypical movie exec and his snivelling assistant who ends up being the head of the film company…

There are some underhand jokes that those a little older than 7 may be able to understand. The newer Tom and Jerry comedies are much more gentle, with nothing likely to offend and the stories between the pair are more complex, often giving secondary characters much stronger storylines.

But there will always be a special place in my heart for the old Tom and Jerry movies with the violence and racism.When I was nine I barely noticed it. Are we truly that foolish as to be offended?


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