The White Queen Episode 2


In this episode, Elizabeth is being crowned Queen. People still mutter despite the joy, and if there was Facebook in the 1400s there would be a few irate status updates. There is also a lot of sniping between the sisters and Eleanor Tomlinson’s character, Isabel Neville.

Elizabeth is settling into queendom, and there are lots more plotting and posing around desks in tunics, and more dramatic whispering.
A hunt takes place and there’s yet more dramatic whispering. There are also scenes with Margaret Beaufort, which is good to see her played by someone under the age of 75 because that is how she is always portrayed – as an old battle-axe instead of a tormented young woman who is religious and resents her son Henry being stripped of his rightful title. My only gripe with the casting of the actress is that I think she is a little old. Margaret had Henry when she was young, and if the dates and ages add up then Margaret would be about 20 at this point, and the actress, Amanda Hale, is a bit older than that. Maybe they were trying to put across the religious tribulation she had faced in her life? Amanda Hale is a great actress, though.

Edward and Elizabeth have a daughter, who would go on to become Elizabeth of York.

A marriage is also planned for Isabel Neville and her sister. A lot of cospirital whispering takes place (this drama is all about conspirital whispering!) During this episode, we see Richard of Gloucester a lot more. He became Richard III eventually and in this he is played by an actor called Aneurin Barnard who looks totally gorgeous.

Aneurin Barnard

Aneurin Barnard

Margaret Beaufort wants her son Henry with her and she wants Henry to have his throne. Margaret’s mother tells her that she is a girl – she cannot choose. She must live the life her mother chooses, or her husband does. This must’ve been so difficult and depressing, and the women must’ve felt helpless in the face of something they had no control over.

Anne and Isabel Neville’s parents are frustrated that their daughter’s marriage prospects have been ruined, and they blame it on the King on Queen.

There is also the necessary jump in time because there are only so many episodes in this drama. There is supposed to be a rebellion somewhere at this point in the story. Hopefully, if anything else, this drama will encourage people to read up a little more on their history.

Isabel Neville marries George, 1st Duke of Clarence.

I’m going to take a moment to say something about Max Irons, the son of the famous Jeremy Irons. Some may say that he is too young to play the role (he is under 30 years old.) but he does the part well, I think.

At some point, Edward is taken prisoner by Warwick and this leads to dramatic letter opening and lingering shots of bereft expressions. Elizabeth’s brother Anthony tells her that their father and brother are dead.

People begin to think that Margaret is fanatical because she tells her son that God told her (in a vision) that he would be King. The irony is that she outlived many people and saw her grandson (Henry VIII) crowned King.

Elizabeth’s mother Jaquetta was apparently involved in witchcraft and Elizabeth places a curse on those who had her father and brother killed.


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