High School Musical 3


The girl I was babysitting last night was watching this, and naturally I should write a blog post about it. I would just like to say that I ordinarily never write posts for these sorts of films, but while watching, the inner film student in me was screaming.

I think the whole story is supposed to address the students’ fears about having to graduate from East High and leave their friends behind. I didn’t actually tune into it until a scene when two people were jumping around on cars. I was laughing throughout this film due to the bad (singing? dubbing?) and weak plot, as well as the characters. I know its a kids’ movie and there really is no need for strong characterization but REALLY? Troy spent half the time crying or looking teary-eyed, and it got really annoying after a while.

Again, I know its a kid’s film and a cheesy musical to boot but this seemed to be the film with the cheesiest lines. I understand that staying together is important whether it is girlfriend/boyfriend or longtime friend but honestly…the cheesy lines undermine it and make the plot brittle and thin as a result, with the songs often being several verses of the same lines repeated over and over.

Then of course there’s Sharpay, who is the stage-brat, but she seems to have far more screen-time than Ryan does. In fact, it felt like Lukas Greybeard or whatever his name is was more like an extra. They also add in a British girl who tries to usurp Sharpay (zzzzzzz….)

The girl I was babysitting really liked the film and that’s okay. For one thing, I am about 10 years older than the target age, so I am not the best person to judge. However, I remember being very excited when the first two films came out years ago.

As I said, most of the lines are corny (‘I think I’ve run out of goodbyes,”) but there are…some funny moments but it seems somewhat heavy handed.

Phew. Well, for one thing it might be a good film for allaying kids’ fears about going onto the next class in school or graduating if they are worried about never seeing their friends again.

Since this film was released they have also released a shockingly awful film based around the exploits of Sharpay’s dog.


My rating: * / *****



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