This 2010 film is about how death impacts on three separate lives: George, a former psychic; Marie, a newsreader who survives the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami; and Marcus, whose brother is hit by a car while running away from some yobs.


We see how the death affects all three people in its own way, for better or worse. Marcus tries to contact his dead brother by going to visit several psychics who are outlandishly foolish, crazy or eye-wateringly fake.

This film has its sweet moments, such as when George speaks to Marcus’s dead twin brother, Jason. Some scenes were slightly random but worked out to compliment the whole plot in its own way, and the film brought up many questions and thought-provoking topics about death and what we believe to be ‘the afterlife’.

Matt Damon played the role of George well, and even though there have been comments made due to the way the film represents ‘heaven’ surely it is up to everyone individually how they interpret it?

MY RATING: ***/ *****



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