Ashens and The Quest For the Game Child.



Stuart Ashen is a YouTube personality who reviews tat on his brown sofa. This film is all about him trying to retrieve the ubiquitous Gamechild.

A funding campaign was launched to fund this movie, and it was produced on a small budget of £50k. This film also features the talents of Ashen’s friend, Dan Tomlinson, Warwick Davis and Chris Kendall, who plays ‘Nemesis’ or ‘Nemesi’, whichever way you look at it.

This movie is self-referencing, constantly referencing Ashens’s YouTube fame and his reviewing of tat. There are side-jokes aplently, with a wry humour that those familiar with Ashens’s YouTube fame will be immensely amused by. There are also many characters in the film who have turned up in Ashens’ videos, such as the Silver Skull and Chef Excellence.

I had low expectations when first watching this film originally but I realized what a great film it was. Don’t just assume that because this film is about a YouTube personality, then it will automatically be bad. Watch this film. Surprise yourself. And stick around during and after the credits if you want to learn the fate of Nemesis and Ashley.

If only they would make a sequel….

MY RATING: 5 / 5.


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