Have just been to see it. It is amazing. Obvious spoilers.

When I first got to the cinema, I was the only one in the screen room. I thought how fun it’ll be to have one all to myself. However, there were three people including me watching it eventually.

Anyway, I digress.

From the moment Bruce’s voiceover begins, we are pulled into his point-of-view. This film is darkly comic, with many moments which had me chuckling.
Despite this, Bruce is one fucked up dude. He blackmailed people for his own ends, as well as being manipulative and two-faced. But it seems he too has a chink in his armour. He reacts badly whenever anyone mentions Carol or Stacey, his daughter. Oh, and lets not forget the small matter of his cross-dressing. Oh, and his drug taking. And his alcoholism.

Jim Broadbent plays Bruce’s psychiatrist Dr Rossi, as well as the voice of his hallucinations which becomes darkly comic as well as harrowing. His hallucinations become more severe throughout the film; forcing him to confront such things in his past as his brother’s death which he inadvertently caused. There are some scenes that take place in increasingly small spaces and this only highlights Bruce’s feelings of being smothered or his life closing in on him.

We see the up and down of Bruce’s emotions and in one memorable scene he confesses all to his colleague, Amanda (played by Imogen Poots), that he feels as if his family are leaving him. Only a genius screen play such as this can have the audience (or me) rooting for this manic-depressive alcoholic police guy. I even found myself inwardly welling up at this point.

Imogen Poots plays Amanda.

Imogen Poots plays Amanda.

This film is perfect for either fans of the book or newbies. But definitely either rent the book or buy it cheaply because it is a gem of the most unusual kind. I can’t believe I actually stumbled across the film by accident about a year ago when I wanted to find another completely different film. To be honest, it was the best mistake I made.

The ending complemented the film, because to be honest although the book is a masterpiece it is very tricky to transfer the essence to a screenplay. This was done well, as well as including scenes written for the movie such as Bruce’s last message to his ‘only friend’ Bladesey.

If James McAvoy doesn’t at least get a nomination for an award, then I will eat my hat. I hope he wins. Because I don’t want to chew my hat.

MY RATING: 5/ 5.



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