Star Trek into Darkness


I want to present my view from that of someone who had never watched Star Trek prior to watching the film. I knew it more by reputation.

I was not a massive Star Trek fan to start with. I used to avoid the Star Trek genre like the plague, and I received this film for a birthday present yesterday. I went into watching it with an unbiased mind.
To start with, I began to question why I was even watching it. In the first 1/2 an hour there were times when I kept on looking at my watch to work out how much longer the film would be going on for.

But it got better as the film went on. I think if I even post this on my blog I will be attacked by the keyboard nazis who will defend STID to the death. Maybe I really should go off and watch all the original TV series. But this is from the perspective of a newbie.

This film has definitely redefined the Star Trek Genre for a 21st century audience. The CGI was passable, although off-putting at times. Benedict Cumberbatch played the role of Khan well, but perhaps I am biased because Cumberbatch is one of my favourite actors. Also, as previously mentioned, I didn’t watch the TV series or previous films.

MY RATING: 2.5 / 5.


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