Ripper Street Series 2 Episode 4


Dynamite and A Woman. Contains obvious spoilers.

I only managed to catch this episode this morning because I never got round to watching it. Sigh.

I wasn’t sure about the premise for this episode, and when we see a scene where a man goes to confession, I had a feeling that he was the murderer of the piece. But no. He is the inspector, Albert Flyte, who until now was more of a background character. No wonder I didn’t recognize him.

An Irish Republican, Aiden Galvin, is imprisoned but escapes in the confusion following the death of a cart driver. However, it is later revealed that the cart driver did not die as a result of a murder. He simply had a heart attack. Flyte goes undercover in the Irish population of Whitechapel because at that point, the Irish were forced to live a separate existence to the English who thought themselves superior.

While going undercover in the Irish pub, Flyte sees Evelyn, the readhead daughter of the Irish Republican. She is rude to him at first, although through the episode her feelings change.
Cecil Knightley, an eminent man, is killed. He holds the Irish in complete derision and has a great deal of power himself and bribed frequently. He is killed in his bed with the use of gunpowder.
Homer Jackson gives Flyte advice about love and romance, and they plan to send him back to the Irish pub. This culminates in Drake punching Flyte, and Evelyn takes pity on Flyte and gives him a room to rest in. She also brings him food. Searching the room, Flyte finds letters to Evelyn from a man called Henry Holland. At first, I thought him to be a love interest for her but this was not so. Evelyn and Flyte sleep together.

The episodes in the second series seem to deal mainly with topics of the day. Last week, it was women’s rights. This week, its electricity. There is an electricity demonstration which results in a sheep being electrocuted. Knightley had a lot of power and had the final say on the fate of some land where a power station was going to be built. This led to a great deal of bribery taking place. Sebastian Ferranti, one of the scientists, wanted to make electricity safe.

It is planned that Evelyn and Aiden will go to New York. A man has been writing to Evelyn claiming to be her father. As Evelyn said earlier in the episode, her mother wasn’t exactly ‘choosy’ when it came to men. The man in question, Henry Holland, escaped to the US but returned under the name Charles Broadwick. Aiden was used as Charles’s dogsbody when it came to the distribution of dynamite and the spilling of English blood. Charles dies after electrocuting himself on the tampered transformer. Aiden is also shot dead in an alleyway.

Ignorant of this, Evelyn goes off to America after suspecting that Flyte was working under an alias. Jane Cobden, the London County Council member from the previous episode, makes romantic advances towards Edmund but he rejects her. This episode ends with two romantic rejections and in comparison to other episodes does not have a very high body count. It gave Albert Flyte a chance to develop in terms of character and storyline. I hope that the development that he garnered in this episode is not forgotten in the next because that would be a pity.

MY RATING: 4.5 / 5.


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