The Paradise Series 2 Episode 6.

The Paradise

Obvious spoilers contained.
There are two episodes left till the end of the series.

The episode begins with Denise in Moray’s office, sitting in his chair. He is somewhat shocked at this, and mutters something about trousers. Meanwhile, Tom is playing games with Katherine – mind games, that is. He obviously snubs her and encourages his daughter Flora to do the same.

A newlywed woman comes into The Paradise with her wealthy older husband. The woman, Mrs Lucille Ballentine, loves shopping and buys dresses endlessly because she was a nurse and never had any nice things before. The salesgirls discuss wealth and money.

Elsewhere, Edmund is keen to spruce up his shop to make it more agreeable when he sells it. We also have scenes of Tom staring at Katherine in bed. At this point in the episode, I didn’t know where the story was going and expected him to do something equally random because I think we’re still being fed tiny clues about his war service in India.

Katherine confides in Moray and it seems that they are getting closer. Katherine confides that Weston is cruel to her. I felt that a romance was reemerging between Katherine and Moray, and Weston sees them together. At this point I was silently rolling my eyes. It’s just too soapy.

Denise has ambitions for investors in the Paradise. Campbell Ballentine, the older husband of Lucille, owns a brewery and he discusses business with Denise. She suggests that they supply the Ballentine ale in the food hall. Meanwhile, Lucille is taught how to walk with grace by the shopgirls. Overcome with enthusiasm, Lucille invites the girls to her house for a picnic. Campbell himself is blinded by love for his young wife and is letting her spend his money because he wants to make her happy.

Weston wants rid of Moray. I thought murder. Alas not. However, Moray is concerned for Katherine, but he refuses to continue in his flirtation of her for the sake of the store. Denise is suspicious of Moray’s evident distraction. She warns him to be careful of Katherine. Then we have evil dude (his name’s actually Mr Fenton, but I’m going to call him evil dude anyway.) declaring that he will set up a rival store. Then we have more scenes of Katherine admitting that she was manipulating Moray just to make him feel as humiliated as she felt when he dumped her. All we need now is the rabbit in the stew pot.

During the garden picnic with the shop-girls, Lucille admits that she is inelegant. She says that Campbell was her patient when she was a nurse. The girls convince Lucille that she chose right. Campbell is keen to invest in the store, and Denise is ambitious to see it happen. Moray talks to Denise of his romantic frustrations. However, Denise goes behind Moray’s back to speak to Ballentine about him investing. Lucille feels guilty about her husband’s kindness and declares that she is leaving him. She tries to get Clara to forget that she said it and tries to bribe her with jewellery and expensive shawls.

Flora sees the cuts on her father’s back. Obviously received from his war years or that is one sharp back scratcher. Katherine asks Moray to meet her. Katherine says that she has responsibilities as a stepmother and says they must end their friendship. They then kiss, and at my computer screen I was sitting there wanting to bash my face into the keys. If they do take the story down this route, then it is going to be insufferable.

Edmund has a heart attack and Denise is overcome with worry. She realizes that she needs to be kinder to her uncle, and he decides to retire because he has all he wants – the woman he has been in love with for 20 years. When Moray turns up, Denise realizes that he was with Katherine.

Now, after all that, I am really not sure what to think of this episode. Ben Daniels is probably the best one in the lot but that’s just my opinion. However, I expected the ‘devastation’ left behind to equate to more than Denise looking moody and Moray frowning.

MY RATING 2 / 5.



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