Bright Star


And I was supposed to be trying to keep to a schedule…

Everyone has heard of John Keats, the poet. Bright Star is the story of his romance with Fanny Brawne. This film always seems to pop up on the Movies section of BBCi player, and I thought I’d give it a chance. It has Ben Whishaw as Keats, and he brings a handsomeness and subtlety to the role. Also, he wears a hat.

Ben Whishaw wears a hat.

Ben Whishaw wears a hat.

I made the fatal mistake of reading message board posts about this film and it gave a bad impression of it. They said it was slow, boring. etc. But even if some of the hats worn look like television aerials, the film has subtlety and hidden humour. It doesn’t need roaring passion when understated nuances are much sweeter.

The film is charming, and I can’t believe I didn’t come across it earlier. It also broke away from what I expect from a film set in the Regency era. I only have films such as Pride and Prejudice to look to for that. Think witty conversations and manners. Discussing accomplishment. Trying to be a impudent woman. Bright Star throws that out the window. It makes its characters human. They play in the snow. They laugh. I really fell in love with Ben Whishaw’s John Keats, right from the moment we saw him lounging around at the start. His romance with Abbie Cornish’s Fanny Brawne was endearing, and it was sad at the end when she was very traumatized at Keats’ death.

If you a fan of Ben Whishaw’s acting, or a fan of John Keats’s work, then watch this film.

MY RATING: 4 / 5.



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