Inhuman Resources


This is another film I was watching last night when I was babysitting. It’s a film about a serial killer, Thomas Reddmann, holding office workers hostage. Obvious spoilers.

It begins interestingly, with the media news coverage of another murder committed by Reddmann who was killing corporate employees by decapitation. At first it seems that Reddmann is dead, but when six office workers wake up chained (literally) to a desk, they begin to think differently. All of the victims were involved in the Reddmann case, and by various grisly means he (Thomas Reddmann) makes them prove his innocence. Any act of insubordination on the part of the workers results in a deep gash on their foreheads. Five, and you are killed. Such scenes of grisly murder were gross, and they rarely cut-away. The filmmakers want you to feel like you are stuck in that small room with them, watching every grisly murder.

Tension is built subtly built, but the feeling of literally ‘chained’ to your desk both figuratively and metaphorically is an image familiar to many people who are stuck in a job they hate. Piece by piece, the story unfolds. Redd questions the employees again and they all tell their side of the story again. Errors in the story are revealed and the remaining workers turn on one another.

This is supposed to be a comedy, but it is primarily rather dark in nature. The funny bits of the film I could count on one hand; such as when Annabel attacks Redd with a severed leg, knocking his wig off. Or when the three survivors prepare to battle Redd and grab weapons. One of the men asks ‘Are we really going to kill this guy with stationary?’ Also, the acting of some of the secondary cast was very bad. I’m sure a potato could have acted better.

The ending was actually better than the rest of the film. The twist is not exactly shocking but certainly mind-boggling. However, given the choice I wouldn’t watch this film again.

MY RATING: 2 / 5.



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