Sherlock Mini Episode

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Sherlock is returning within a matter of days, but the BBC had a mini episode on BBCi Player to whet the appetite of Sherlock fans. It has all the finesse of the usual offerings, only condensed down into a 7 minute chunk.

Its mainly focused around three main characters: Anderson, John and Lestrade. Anderson has lost his job after being convinced that Sherlock is still alive. John seems to be at uneasy peace with his grief although it shows in quiet moments. Lestrade gives John a DVD with a message from Sherlock on it which he found in his office. Sherlock’s presence is hinted at where several crimes are being solved all over the world. Anderson is convinced there is a link between all these crimes.

As a Sherlock fan, it whet my appetite for the new series which I really am looking forward to, when it airs in early January. Mini episodes rarely work, but this is a rare example. Sherlock’s message to John managed to be amusing, darkly funny and also rather sad.

MY RATING: 5 / 5.


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