Ripper Street Series 2 Episode 8 ‘Our Betrayal – Part 2’

I have mixed feelings about the final episode. Obvious spoilers.

This episode is probably the only one with any logical link to the previous one. We have Drake turning up with Hinchcliff’s body, as where we left him in Part 1 of the episode. Jane Cobden is questioned by a journalist about her relationship with Reid, and unrelatedly, Hinchcliff’s body is autopsied and it is discovered he was strangled with piano wire.

The murderer of Hinchcliff refuses to talk, and Drake is asked to make him do so. Rose has received top billing at the theatre courtesy of Silas Duggan. Flyte buys a gun and gets himself arrested for being an accessory to the murders of Hinchcliff and Joseph Merrick. Flyte had been Shine’s protegee and when Flyte lashes out by shooting Shine, he is merely injured. Like a very tall, very big, very creepy Michael Myers. He cannot be killed.

Rotted bodies are discovered inside the wall of a tenement. Rose gives back Bennett’s wedding photo to him, and it seems that their friendship is slowly mending, with him offering her coffee and her talking of her future possibilities with her singing career.

Jackson studies the bodies from the tenement. One of the victims had Paget’s disease, and dead bees are found on the body so they can learn when the bodies were placed there. There is a link between the bodies in the wall and the death of Hinchcliff. It is obvious the murders were committed by Jedediah Shine. On another point, Jackson’s brother comes into his own in this episode and proves to be more than The American Brother as everyone first thought him to be.

Cobden is angry that her affair with Edmund is now common knowledge but he spells out his feelings for her and it seems that he wants her as his lifelong space companion – er, perhaps not.
Susan has become Duggan’s mistress so that the debt she owes can be repaid, in bodily ways, anyway. Jackson still has feelings for Susan and wants to kill Duggan. This episode also gives the bearded policeman, Sgnt. Artherton, a scene more than his usual appearance in scenes whereby he is sat behind the front desk looking dour. The sad truth about Flyte slowly emerges, although he had thought that he could outrun his past.

Jackson hopes to save Susan from Duggan. Susan informs him the debt has been paid, but she is still keen for vengeance. Duggan is killed by South African assassins and Susan icily tells Jackson that she doesn’t want any man.
In a fist fight that has been organized, the fighter who was supposed to face off Shine is unable to fight due to injury. Bennett takes over and manages to take down Shine. Reid’s brutality when he encourages Bennett to kill Shine disgusts Cobden.

As usual, the main actors were good in this episode. Joseph Mawle, the actor who played Shine, and Jerome Flynn, who plays Bennett, have been exemplary in this series.

Obviously seeing as the series has been cancelled, there won’t be a series 3. I was originally unhappy about this but perhaps it is best that they go out on a high – or as high as Ripper Street can be – before they run out of ideas. It was still very annoying that it had to compete with I’m A Celebrity. Also, the lack of publicizing the debut of series 2 probably did something for the viewing figures. Anyway, I hope this cancellation of the series isn’t going to be commonplace with seires because if they do it with Sherlock then people are going to desert the BBC very quickly.

MY RATING: 4 / 5.


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