Love Story 1970


I haven’t seen this film in about 2 years. I thought I’d watch it again with a fresh perspective brought on by a film appreciation and a weariness of soppy love stories.

Two people meet in extenuating circumstances and fall in love. It becomes another story of the Romeo and Juliet prototype, with an ultimate tragic ending. I think everyone has at least heard of Love Story.
Oliver Barrett (Ryan O’Neal) is the wealthy law student and Jenny (Ali MacGraw) is the poor girl he falls for. She is supposed to be spunky, but this came across at times as annoying – especially when they first meet. However, over the course of the film it becomes rather endearing.

Oliver, despite his wealth, has his own problems. He has to put up with his father’s expectations about his career and his love life. This film, being over 30 years old, has become a cliche in itself. A person is also more likely to know the music of the film more than they know the film itself.

Here, the most important question is whether this film’s cliched reputation is worth it. It has a lot of heart, but I think at times it did show its age. But maybe as a film-viewing audience we have become far, far more cynical. And in the last 30 years, there have been many films of a similar genre and plot. We want heavy, loud action. Not syrupy drama. But it really is about love, loss and paternal relationships. And nobody can argue with that.

MY RATING: 3 / 5.


2 thoughts on “Love Story 1970

  1. To me, it’s FIVe Star film. I love the story of two… it’s so romantic and tragic at the same time. I remember every line from this film. Absolutely remarkable. It just never gets old. And music… Oh My… Francis Lai wrote such an amazing soundtrack.. and “Love Song” is one of those I listen to every day while I work.

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