The Young Victoria


I am quite ashamed to say I was a fan of this film when it first came out. It is the story of the early years and reign of Queen Victoria, directed by Julian Fellowes. It also contains a cameo appearance from Princess Beatrice, the daughter of Sarah Ferguson who had a scriptwriting role in this film for some reason.

The film is a fluffy little thing with not much going for it. If you want a bit of escapism and don’t mind turning your brain off for an hour and a half, then this film is perfect for you. Yes, it has its good points.

The intro is lavish, and as they might as well try and put all the lovely bright scenes in when people’s attention hasn’t completely wandered.
The dog playing the role of Victoria’s dog, Dash, also seems to carry all the scenes he is in, because Cavalier King Charles spaniels are adorable. The frocks the women wear are also rather nice, and the men mincing around in their frock coats and breeches are not to be sniffed at either.
Emily Blunt’s acting is good with what she is given. However, most of the time she looks just like a detested teacher I had when I was in primary school. Still, I shouldn’t let that tarnish my viewing experience. Much. Jim Broadbent plays the role of Victoria’s uncle William in this film and at points it does feel as if he is the only strong character in the whole piece.

While this tries to be a good film, it fails repeatedly. Obvious historical blunders, poor script…stagey acting. Overuse of bad metaphors. Its too disappointing a film to be any good and it is only good for the last 25 minutes. It is really annoying that the story had Albert be shot during the assassination attempt when he wasn’t shot in real life, in an effort to make a weak romantic reconciliation plot. And with Julian Fellowes’s car-crash of a TV drama, Downton, being vomited onto our screens since 2010, I have also seen Julian Fellowes reusing lines and plotlines  for his scripts. ‘I will love you till my last breath…,’ etc.

And Rupert Friend’s ‘German’ accent was very painfully bad.

MY RATING: 1 / 5.


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