Sherlock Series 3 Episode 3

Contains major spoilers.

The writers really have a way of messing with our heads, don’t they? Today (actually, 12/ 13 / 14, because I know this is going to be published after the actual air date.) was the last episode of series 3. What a pain it is, only having three episodes a series. And then we have to wait 20 years for the next series to come along. What a shame.

This episode is mostly to do with powerful people, among other things. Charles Augustus Magnussen is a powerful man who owns a lot of newspapers and has massive influence to manipulate important people. The subject of corruption and newspapers is all too topical at the moment if you have been keeping a pulse on the news over the last few years, what with the phone hacking and all that.

With plenty of references to the original canon – Sherlock frequenting drug dens, etc, the writers also brought their own mash of mania to the episode. Fans and fangirls alike were divided when they all saw that Sherlock had a serious love interest. I mean, come on. That is a world away from asexual sociopathic Holmes who we all got used to in the previous two series. Even though as it turned out, Sherlock was only using Janine for his own ends. Oh, romance.

In the original canon, there was no character backstory for Mary, John’s wife. And the writers gave us just that. It turns out that she is not who she says she is and has a secret of her own, although in the end John doesn’t want to know. The plotline was always messing with the emotions and allegiances of fans. Oh, and she shoots Sherlock too. With interesting inter-dream sequences, I really did question whether they were going to write off the canon by killing Sherlock off for good. But how many times can the detective ‘die’?

The episode also brought in plenty more revelations and flashbacks to Sherlock as a young boy. The role was filled by Steven Moffat’s son Louis and through this we see that as a child Sherlock was capable of love and affection through seeing his affection for his childhood dog, Redbeard, who had to be put down. Unrelated of course there is Bill ‘is it supposed to be squishy?’ Wiggins, who has his arm broken by John in the drug den but becomes their right-hand man. Lets hope he sticks around for the next series, but he does remind me a bit of a guy I used to work with.

The symbolism of putting Sherlock’s ‘mind palace’ in a padded cell with Moriarty was genius. That being said, while Andrew Scott is a fantastic actor the idea of bringing him back again is just boring. But lastly before I burst in a explosion of puppies and rainbows, I am just going to say a bit about Lars Mikkelsen. I have never seen any of his previous stuff before, even though I know he was in such things as The Killing and Borgen. And he was good in this episode, even if the licking was revolting.

Some of the plotlines were a bit improbable, but I really wonder how far this can stretch before it gets too unrealistic. Still, there are plenty of possibilities for the three episodes a series in series 4.

MY RATING: 3 / 5.


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