Why Blog?

A bit of a break from our scheduled programming. I got the idea from Lifestyle Filipino’s blog-post, ‘Why Blog‘?. Because we all started blogging for a reason, didn’t we?

1. Most importantly of all, in order to write a good blog you must have a love of the subject because if you don’t, then its pretty obvious from the outset.

2. It helps with thought processes, ensuring you follow a thought through right from the start to the actual execution of it at the end.

3. Blogging can improve your relationship with run-on sentences and other aspects of grammar. At least you won’t have your English teacher looking over your shoulder this time. Unless your English teacher is following your blog. In that case, RUN!

4. This is probably a massive ego thing but it’s rather fun getting followers. At least there is that reassurance that what you are writing is good and people are actually enjoying it.

5. This is linked with point 2, but it helps with thought processes and can encourage you to go over an idea again and again if you are not completely happy with it.

6. It improves your English. Even if you are English. You find yourself using more complicated words to make up for your lack of or hesitation to use a thesaurus.

7. You can network yourself with guest blogging. I’ve been doing tons of guest blogging at the moment and not only are the bloggers friendly and helpful, there is the opportunity of getting your blog networked to a wider audience. Go for it!

8. Blogging for a purpose. Well, I started blogging so I would have something to show the university I was applying for. So there’s always that.

9. Improves time management skills. You learn to keep to a vague schedule (i.e: my schedule is normally 1 post every 2 days.) The scheduling function helps a lot too. By regularly finding time to write a post, you are giving it that niche in your life.

10. Confidence. Mostly if you have social issues or issues with your confidence, you can develop your sense of humour through blogging until you are ready to step into a wider social circle.

Thanks for reading my list. Why do you blog??


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