Call the Midwife Series 3 Episode 1

Yay! Call the Midwife is back on our screens, and its time once again to coo over babies and be immersed in a quasi nostalgia for this endearing little series.

Nonnatus House has moved to new premises, and the midwives are keen to get attendance up at the clinic. Chummy (played by the fantastic Miranda Hart) struggles with cooking, and struggles with domestic bliss and looking after her baby son. She later gets a royal guest to open the new maternity clinic and assists in a difficult delivery where the mother sounded like she was trying to shift a grand piano. Oh, well.

Another baby is born and the young mother is worried about the health of the new baby and her son, who are both sick with a mysterious ailment – it turns out to be cystic fibrosis. The third series already with its first episode has shown to be a lovely enough little set-up. It obviously works, but Vanessa Redgrave’s sickly sweet monologues do tend to be somewhat irksome after a while. Yes, that scenario taught us about love. Now lets move on!

This episode gave us eye-candy in the form of Leo Staar, who plays Alec, Jenny’s love interest.
I hope this episode will set a precedent for the ones following it because it is an old formula, but is works and it has much more staying power than other series done by the BBC.

MY RATING: 4 / 5.


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