Twilight Zone – A Stop At Willoughby

Another Twilight Zone episode. Gart Williams is a slave to his corporate life – how far will he go to find succour?

Although somewhat predictable, the story is familiar to many. Gart Williams has to put up with the boss from hell and a nagging wife. He longs for peace and succour, and on the train journey home dreams of a peaceful little town called Willoughby. Another topical episode that, although with a twist that one can see a mile off deals with issues we find relevant today, with our life of enforced slavery thanks to the jobs we do because without them we couldn’t exist in our 21st century world.

James Daly portrays the main character, Gart, with something bordering on perfection. He is clearly a man who is in turmoil over his life, and his longing for peace clearly comes at a price. His wife nags him constantly and when she abandons him in his time of need it is pitifully tragic.
But most tragic of all is when Gart achieves a quasi-peace, letting the stresses of his life leave him. He is in a little world where everyone loves and appreciates him and everyone is friendly. This is a well-written episode which I believe was one of Serling’s favourite episodes.

Some Twilight episodes are predictable and somewhat preachy. But this one is sad, and the twist at the end is expected but thought-provoking.

MY RATING: 5 / 5.


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