Outnumbered Series 5 Episode 1

I suppose if you had to give Outnumbered a comedy name, it would be situation comedy.

This episode begins with the predictable formula. Pete is having trouble paying a bill equaling £0.00. Jake is older and getting a tattoo. Karen is having trouble at her new school. Ben is playing the role of Spartacus in the new school musical. And Sue is being her usual helpful self – nagging and whining at every opportunity.

I didn’t find this episode funny. Ben gave the episode some comic relief, but Jake reminded me too much of my 17-year-old brother and was therefore not funny in any way. Karen wanting to use some heat-detecting devices to locate her hamster shows that behind everything, she is still very childlike. On first appearance, she comes across as a moody teen but as the episode unfurls it is clear she answers back to teachers and is doing poorly in her lessons. She is evidently embarrassed by this.

I think this episode has a very limited shelf-life left. Luckily series 5 is the last series, according to reports. Yes, kids will always outnumber their parents but at a certain point it ceases to be funny or amusing.

MY RATING: 2 / 5.


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