The Musketeers Episode 3


While some reviewers try to find something good about the series, I just think there comes a point where it only stays jugging along due to the presence of men in leather, buxom women and woefully comic fight scenes. People praise Capaldi’s role as Richelieu whereas I just think he is too good for the role.

This episode seemed to do a bit of a U-turn. There is a new villain, Bonnaire, who is involved in the slave trade – we later discover. While this episode was good, it wasn’t fantastic. This is the episode where plenty of secrets are revealed, and Bonnaire’s wife Marie also comes across as a more feisty character. Its a shame she was lobbed off far too early in the episode to make any sort of impact.

The episode brings up slavery which was a prominent issue of the time, because as one character pointed out, it wasn’t illegal. Dumas’s grandmother was a freed slave, so the tie-in is good for the historical representation.
There are also revelations about Athos and Milady’s relationship but it won’t be news to those who read the book.

It tied up well, but I don’t know if it would have the same energy with the next episode.

MY RATING: 3.5 / 5.


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