Call The Midwife Series 3 episode 4


Well, that was…

contains spoilers if you haven’t seen it already.

Also, a quick note before I roll on. I know that this will go up far later than the episode was actually scheduled. I’ve just accumulated so much backlog with other posts, so soon I will get all up to date. Happy reading x

The episode began in a jolly enough tone. A new mum gives her newborn son her childhood teddy. Things seem on an even keel between Jenny and Alec. Alec invites her to Brighton. Still in the East End, there is a young pregnant Jewish woman and her mother. Her mother has not left the house in many years, and they both live in the shadow of the years they endured in the ghetto and the mother had to face the loss of her husband and her friends. With the arrival of the baby girl, both mother and daughter learn to look to the future.

And as a distracting side-note, Shelagh wants to re-form the choir. Its always good to have a distracting storyline to alleviate the difficult or moving storyline at the heart of it. And the nuns played Cluedo, which is always nice I suppose.

But what really plucked at my heartstrings was Alec’s serious injury and eventual death. The writers clearly want to break our hearts. He is badly injured in a workplace accident (shame that there was no injury lawyers 4 u in those days), and has to have his foot amputated. He later dies of an aneurism, and Jenny is left broken-hearted.

It really was a heartbreaking episode, with a well done to the makeup department for the realistic blood. It will be a shame that Leo Staar will no longer be in the episodes but he was fantastic in the episodes he was in. Also, Miranda Hart wasn’t in this episode until right at the end. Her lack of screen time was certainly felt. I hope she is in it more next episode.

MY RATING: 3. 5 / 5.


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