Grave Encounters.

Grave-Encounters-Lance-Listens-to-SpiritsIt sounds like a made-for-TV movie and it looks like a horror flash game from the early 2000’s.

Someone recommended this movie to me and being somewhat of a newbie to the horror genre; due in part to being a chicken. I was always scared of the genre, but its only in the past few years I have realized that sometimes not getting so stuck in a rut – film-wise, is always the best thing.

“Of course there’s a way out. We can all leave as soon as we’re better,”

Grave Encounters is a mokumentary style movie that we have all seen before. It also seems to be influenced by the flash-horror genre, and there was a point at the end where it was as if the audience were watching the film from the point of view of a video game, when there was a shot of Lance Preston’s hands as he opens the book of runes.

At first, the movie seems to be little more than a TV movie. It isn’t till 25 minutes into the 92 minute film that it actually moves away from the sloppy beginning. The shaky-camera was somewhat annoying, but when you are scared for your life in an abandoned hospital being in fear of your life your camerawork will obviously leave a lot to be desired.

There were some points where it seemed really stagey and it only started being OK-ish about an hour in. But what is scariest most of all is people’s dependence on time and its place in how we perceive reality. If we have time (in any form) then we at least know we are safe, even if all around us is unstable or unsafe. And lost time is far scarier than any jump scare could possibly hope to be.

I know its supposed to be scary and everything, but I found I cared very little for the characters as they ran from plot-point to plot point. The re-appearance of Matt was unsettling, however, as was the build-up of paranoia and claustrophobia the characters feel. The tension after one of the team, Matt, is discovered, is palpable. You just know its going to be a foreshadowing of events as the ending of the film draws near.

All in all, an OK movie with a few jump scares and moments of tension. But at the same time it just felt like a college project produced on a shoestring budget, and with the subject matter to do with asylums and suchlike, it felt like it was simply Shutter Island but set in a tunnel.

MY RATING: 2 / 5.


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