Synecdoche, New York

SynecdocheNY_4This movie is a sort of post-modern dystopian film about a theatre director’s quest to write the perfect play. It stars the fantastic late Phillip Seymour Hoffman as Caden Cotard, the aforementioned theatre director.

This is one weird movie. It isn’t until about 45 mins in that its true nature becomes apparent. But the story at its heart is all about a theatre director’s obsession with writing the perfect play.

If you like symbolism, then you’ll like this. If you like psychoanalysis, you’ll like this. When the story timeline starts jiggling about, that’s when it starts getting good. It is befuddling as we watch the story repeat itself over and over; played by so many different players as they take over the role of the original characters and when the lines between reality and fiction blur and become interchangeable.

If you want to give up on this film from the beginning due to its erratic nature, then I ask you to stay with it because your perseverance will pay off. It is a surreal melange, and something I’ve never experienced before.

MY RATING: 4 / 5.


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