Bedknobs and Broomsticks


This is a Disney movie-musical about an apprentice witch, some evacuated children, a nutty professor and a flying bed.

I haven’t seen this film in quite a few years. Not out of disinclination, but just because its just the sort of film which everyone has seen but doesn’t want to admit to because its in the in-between era of Disney – between the Golden Age and the Disney Reinessence. It has its fair share of comedy moments and its a rather silly movie ultimately, and some of the musical bits went on a bit too long themselves.

In a cinematic age when there is a plethora of animation software for movies, it is rather endearing to see the bits of animation within the film, and basic special effects. But after a few years of not watching the movie, watching it now the story doesn’t seem as substantial as I thought it was. The battle scene was memorable, and the dancing with the clothes was comedic.

There are many lines which totally went over my head when I was younger, such as when the younger boy asks ‘What’s this got to do with my knob?” Either I never paid attention to it before or I have just got more dirty-minded as I’ve got older. (I think its the latter.)
Over all, I enjoyed the film but in deciding not to watch it I really wouldn’t have lost out if I had decided not to watch it.

MY RATING: ** / *****


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