Call the Midwife Series 3 Episode 7



Another episode of the Call the Midwife series which is always so surprising and unexpected.

This episode was the return of Jenny following her time away after the death of her boyfriend. The episodes still deal with important issues which were either prevalent then or now. It deals with the post-natal depression of a woman who is convinced that people are turning her baby daughter against her.

Then there is inevitable mother-daughter politics involved when Chummy’s mother visits and there are clearly some unhealed wounds there. Chummy’s mother has left her father and has had to pawn her jewels for money. Trixie and the curate are also dating, but Tom has unresolved issues over his dancing skills.

When Shelagh and Patrick have their adoption interview, some secrets about Patrick’s past are revealed. Not very surprising, but still interesting. And another young woman, Mrs Rawle, is at the London Hospital where Jenny has been seconded. Jenny has to break hospital procedure in order to bring Mrs Rawle her newborn baby.

Over all a good episode, the one next week (9th March?) is the last one of the series and I don’t really expect any great bombshells. But still, a good episode over all with a lot of heart. That being said, you can definitely tell that the overall tone of the episodes has changed considerably since they ran out of original source material. The performance of the actors is still top class, though.

MY RATING: 3  / 5.


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