Pramface Series 3 Episode 2

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 08.57.17‘Tinker Tiger Lobster,’

Another episode of the show that seems to have moved away from the premise of ‘Upper Class Girl gets Impregnated by Working Class Boy’.

After the domicile confusions of the previous episode, Laura denies that she and Jamie are moving in together. She is moving in with her dad, and is horrified when she learns that her dad is going on a date. And his date turns out to be a blond woman called Penny, who is the same age as Laura.

Keith and Jamie are still bereft about their job prospects, but Jamie is soon offered a painting and decorating job in which he wears revealing clothing and is clearly eye-candy for a bunch of middle-aged women. Keith is selling the junk from the caravan on Ebay, along with trying to get rid of some dodgy lobster. He also has a payday loan, and is eating canned beetroot.

Penny and Laura clash, and Laura is later horrified by her father’s sexual habits. But when Penny and Alan go to lunch with Penny’s father, it soon becomes apparent that she may have daddy issues of some kind. He also gets very close to Laura, when she is dressed in a similar way to Penny.

This episode has certainly moved away from its core focus. But if it hadn’t, it would still retain the same formulaic plot arc that is almost universal with these ‘teen gets pregnant’ shows. The comedy isn’t ‘in your face’ its more like a ‘dry wit’. But that is why it still manages to work, even after three series have elapsed.

MY RATING: 3 / 5.


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