Atlantis II Milo’s Return. hadn’t watched this film since its initial release in 2003. The original film was good enough – haunting, with beautiful cinematography. But this sequel just seemed to be like the poor relation of the pair.

The plot seemed to be something you would put in a Saturday morning cartoon. The story plot was weak, and the villains were farcical. The comedy seemed forced, but most of the comical moments came from Mole, the French geologist with a penchant for dirt.

Most films improve with time or upon a second viewing. But this movie hasn’t improved over time at all. The film didn’t really need a sequel in the first place. And Michael J Fox didn’t resume his voice role as Milo Thatch in this movie either, so it immediately loses points there. And the only thing I probably learned from this movie was that to be menacing you have to have a thick foreign accent.

The only moral in this movie was actually put across very badly, and I think it was supposed to represent that you can improve things for yourself if you try. If this was the moral, it wasn’t put across very well. The later Disney films seem to put across their morals in such a way that it is preachy and sickly-sweet. Avoid this movie if possible.

MY RATING: * / *****


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