Dracula Dead and Loving It.

A Dracula-esque satirical comedy with plenty of boobs, vampires and satire to whet the appetite.

This was a take on the 1931 Dracula movie with plenty of Bela Lugosi influences for film boffins, and Leslie Nielsen’s character of Dracula derives many influences from this. This was one of the first films I watched repeatedly. Renfield was the perfect foil for Leslie Nielsen’s Dracula, and Mel Brooks as Van Helsing was just perfect. I can’t really comment from a gender-perspective on the two actresses who played Mina and Lucy respectively, but there were plenty of comedic moments between the vampiric Lucy and Jonathan Harker, the prudish fiance of Mina.

Still a better love story than Twilight.

The comedy was thick and fast without being weak, and the humour never grows old, no matter how many times you watch it. Leslie Nielsen will always be missed in the cinematic world following his 2010 death, because he was a one-of-a kind and a comedian of his calibre will never be seen again.

MY RATING: 3 / 5.


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