The Birds

The Birds is a Hitchcock movie about a woman in a small town which is overrun with attacks of birds. I hadn’t seen the film since my first year of college (back in 2011 – eek!)

It is supposed to be rich in psychoanalysis and feminist film theory but the original horror element of the film itself has long been lost in that as film viewers we are seemingly impervious to something which doesn’t have dramatic music and jump scares every two minutes.

The deal with this is mostly to do with psychological horror – the birds attacking, etc. This movie isn’t fantastic, but it got better as the film went on. I am not scared of birds, but the way it is purveyed is just fantastic. Whatever Hitchcock’s methods, he got some good stuff. The feeling of isolation and hysteria is palpable as the birds slowly try and make their way into the house. But in the end its all just supposed to be a metaphor for masculine dependence.

That being said, I found it unintentionally funny in the scene with the birds attacking the children. You may call be heartless for finding it thus, but it just made me chuckle.

MY RATING: 4 / 5.


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