Favourite Movie Titles Blogathon!


So here goes…

A                       –                 All Quiet on the Western Front.

B                       –               Bright Star.

C                      –                The Constant Gardener.

D                      –               Daddy Day Care.

E                     –                Easy Virtue.

F                     –               FILTH.

G                  –               Gladiator.


H              –                Hereafter.

I              –                Iron Giant.

J              –              La Jetee.

K              –            King Kong.

L              –           Ladder 49.

M           –           Monster’s University.

N            –          Nanny McPhee.

O           –              Of Human Bondage.

P           –              Prince Of Egypt.

Q            –          Quartet.

R              –        The Railway Man.

S               –        Shrek 2.

T              –       Tarzan (1999).

U              –    Up.

V               –  V / H / S.

W           –  Wicker Man (1973).

X           – X-Men.

Y           –  The Young Victoria.

Z             – Zero Dark Thirty.




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