Pramface Series 3 Episode 5

‘Enchanted Picnic’.

Another episode in the series about two teenage parents who are raising their baby. The original premise started out as ‘Upper Class Girl Impregnated by Working Class Boy’. But it isn’t like that any more. And its good that the story is taking a less conventional route in the narrative arc.

There are the love triangles to deal with, and the fall-outs. And the romantic entanglements. This is like a better-dressed soap. Beth and Mike also get together at last, when Mike buys her at a ‘slave auction’ for charity. The use of the American Blonde Bimbo stereotype when the story gave Beth an enemy and a rival for the affections of the handsome charity worker, it just seemed a bit overused. Isofar, this series has been OK. Nothing special, but with its own melee of amusing moments enough to whet the appetite.

MY RATING: 2. 5 / 5.


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