Pramface Series 3 Episode 6

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 11.54.28
‘Kiss for the Camera,’

I think this is the second to last episode of Series 3. I hope they renew it for a 4th series. Because it just feels a tad bit empty without all the strings being tied up first. But that’s not very likely.

In this episode, Sandra has sister trouble. Her sister, Evelyn, visits the caravan and offers an olive branch in the form of money. She openly mocks Keith’s job as caravan park handyman. Keith also has to deal with the realities of clearing up following a cold spell after this spells disaster for the elderly residents of the caravan park.

Laura is trying to move on in her life, resigned to the fact that Jamie is not hers anymore. She has signed up for Open university, but her mum is putting a dampener on preparations for Emily’s birthday. Laura’s dad is sleeping with his lawyer, whose son, Luke, is troubled. But during a manly heart-to-heart with Luke, Alan comes to some realizations.

The acting in this one was strong and commendable, but the somewhat predictable ending to the series seems a bit random and clobbered together. Miranda Hennessy (who plays the role of Isabel, Jamie’s clingy girlfriend) played the role of clingy, neurotic girlfriend perfectly and made any self-directed hate at the character justifiable. But I can see why a person may not be such a big fan of the series – it’s not so focused on Laura and Jamie anymore. But having a completely straight-laced A to B relationship would just totally suck and be like the billion other shows about teen parents.

Sadly, despite its irregular number of episodes per series, this is it for now unless they magically decide to do a series 4 as well. While some ground was covered this series, it felt as if they had to tie everything up for the sake of conformity.

MY RATING: 3 / 5.


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