X-Men Days of Future Past.

And this is coming from someone who didn’t watch any of the other X-Men or Wolverine films but still liked it anyway.

There was a lot of hype around this film, and it is interesting whenever Marvel release something because hopefully it will be good and it will be another film in the massive franchise. As I’ve recently found out, there is also more to the atypical superhero film than first meets the eye. It often deals with interlacing themes of difference and conformity. That’s pretty cool.

The casting of this movie was really solid, with such gems as James McAvoy, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellan and Hugh Jackman to name a few. The plot was easy to follow mostly, although it did lose its head a bit in a few scenes. It had a good mix of comedy, drama and action which made it all work well as a film. The 3D was good but 3D should add to the film experience, not define it. I’m trying to stay away from film discussion boards as much as possible because they are mostly excuses for bitch-fights between posters. As for reviews, that’s something else entirely.

The music was good (I suppose when you watch Marvel films you really aren’t looking for a good soundtrack, though…?) and the tension was adequate throughout the movie’s entirety. The whole consensus of the film will always be different. How different people view it just varies throughout – I suppose it depends how highly they regard Marvel and X-Men. The theme of time-travel in movies can be highly flawed but it gives directors and writers the opportunity to create massive plot-holes for the sake of their story – so it can ‘fit’.

MY RATING: **** / *****


2 thoughts on “X-Men Days of Future Past.

  1. Great review! I’m still dragging my feet to see this. I do love the X-Men, but I don’t care much for the First Class cast, and I’m annoyed Rogue got cut. I think I’ll get to it eventually.

    • I only watched it because it had some of my favourite actors in it. Usually I’m not all that keen on X-Men films but I understood this film well enough and enjoyed it too. 🙂

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