Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

A charming little movie from the writers who brought you The Lego Movie.

Flint, a scientist, has always created inventions that have never worked. Will his new invention work, which culminates in food showering from the sky?

The script (from Phil Lord and Chris Miller, writers of the Lego Movie) is crisp and witty but it has plenty of heart and soul too. Flint is a comedic character but also a character we can all empathize with. At its heart, it has themes of corruption and greed. These themes aren’t shoved in your face despite their prevalence in the story. This film is an Arctic roll of loveliness with melting tenderness at its heart.

As with the Lego Movie, Cloudy has a sliver of truth running through it. Another prominent theme is fitting in and conforming. Flint has a love interest in the form of weather girl, Sam Sparks, who, it is revealed, was bullied as a child due to her cleverness. When she reverts back to her old ways with Flint’s encouragement, it says a lot about how we perceive our media powers and our expectations on those who purvey our media.

And of course such an awesome little movie can’t be without its sidekicks. While Flint was a good, multifaceted character I found his monkey friend, Steve, to be the best character of them all (‘MUSTACHE! MUSTACHE!). He has the best lines and is an asset to all the scenes he is in (which is most of them.) and Manny, the reticent Guatemalan camera-man, was a delight to watch.

Rarely is there a such a film from such talented writers which can appeal to everyone on every facet. I hope Lord and Miller continue to write scripts for many years to come because they are a gem of a pairing.

MY RATING: 5 / 5.


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