The Musketeers Series 1 Episode 7

‘A Rebellious Woman’.

This series, as well as laying groundwork, puts across different themes competently. In this episode, it mainly focuses on a woman’s voice in a man’s world. Previously, all the women in the story were either prostitutes or wives. It is good to see things get interesting there.

A wealthy woman called Ninon is accused of witchcraft because she wanted women to be educated and have a voice. The Queen supports her cause and later stops Ninon from being sentenced to death for her crimes. Milady de Winter, the dark ‘temptress’ in the story, is going around under a different alias and this just irked me because it seemed like little more than a pantomime.

A budding relationship develops between Aramis and the Queen. I assume this is laying the kindling for future storylines. The Cardinal nearly dies after being poisoned, and I thought this scene rather comical despite the dark ramifications of it. When he’s not pretending to be poisoned, the cardinal’s character further develops here because he comes across as a bit of a slippery eel. He can be deep and thoughtful (pondering death) one minute, and the next he is manipulating others.

D’Artagnan confesses his love for Constance, and hopefully this can lead to a long, drawn out romance plot, although I doubt it. An OK episode this time, it had its wobbles but was strong in the end. The King also came up trumps with plenty of comedy lines.

MY RATING: 2.5 / 5.


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